karen castle 

astronomy instructor 

Diablo Valley College, SC 313 x2832

My Classes

 There is a WebCT page for Astro 128 and Astro 130 course.

Astro 128 uses Desire2Learn.

You will automatically get access shortly before the class starts.
Just click on WebCT  to see your course.

Astro 110  is an In- person lecture class concentrating on the night sky, constellations, history of astronomy and constituents of the Universe. It is normally offered fall, spring and during a 6 week summer session (daytime).

Astro 110 Syllabus for this semester

Astro 110 Workbook We write in the book during class. So be sure to bring it.

Astro 110 Star Maps In Astro 110 you will be expected to find stars and constellations on this map. So it may help you to make more copies.


Astro 130 is an in-person laboratory class. You DO need to come to class to get the information AND to do the work.  It is offered fall and spring, nights only.

 Astro 130 Syllabus  Spring 2013


Astro 120 is an in-person lecture class that deals with the physical nature of astronomical objects. It concentrates on light, telescopes, stars, galaxies and cosmology. It uses more mathematics than do Astro 110 and 128. I teach Astro 120 in the fall only.

 Astro 120 Syllabus fall


Astro 128 is a general education science class WITH a lab included. You will be doing observations, readings and labs on your own, with as much help as you would like.  It is offered fall and spring.  There are

3 Tests (on campus or proctored)


Astro 128 Syllabus  Spring 2013


Astro 128 meets EVERY Monday 7-8:50 PM in SC 601



Information for Everyone

Getting in Touch  Phone 925-685-1230 x 2832, or Cell 925-209-6317  (better)

email kcastle@dvc.edu or   drop in SC 313

Office Hours

Monday 3:30-5 PM

Tuesday 3:30-5 PM

Wednesday 3:30-4:15 PM

Thursday 9:30-10:45 AM

Phone 925-209-6317 to talk or set up a meeting. Email ANY time, preferably Inside WebCT or Desire2Learn.


Correlating Editions 2 and 3 of Pathways to Astronomy this shows the correspondence between units


Observing for Spring 2013 At DVC Observatory, Weather Permitting

Friday Feb 1, 2013 starting 6:15 PM

Friday Feb 22, 2013 starting 6:15 PM