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Chemistry Course Outlines

Practical Everyday Chemistry
Chemistry 106

Introductory Chemistry
Chemistry 108

Introductory Organic and Biochemistry
Chemistry 109

Chemistry 120 Supplemental Workshop
Chemistry 119

General College Chemistry
Chemistry 120

General College Chemistry II
Chemistry 121

Topics in Chemistry
Chemistry 150

General Organic
Chemistry 226

General Organic Chemistry
Chemistry 227

Independent Study
Chemistry 298

Chemistry Faculty Homepages

Leon Borowski

Karen Long
Chemistry 108
Chemistry 120
Chemistry 226
Chemistry 227

Ron Rusay
Chemistry 226
Chemistry 227

Mary Ulrich




The Chemistry is Great at DVC

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The DVC Chemistry Department has one of the most respected lower division programs in California. Chemistry students contribute substantially to the high DVC transfer rate to the University of California and California State University systems:  approximately 80% of the students in our program transfer to the UC system.  Other students transfer directly into health profession programs such as nursing and dental hygiene.  Data collected from 1980 – 1996 show that about 30% of the students completing our program have gone on to advanced degrees, e.g. MS, PhD, MD, DDS, DVM.

About 1000 students take chemistry each semester.  Most classes have a maximum of 28 students.  Instructors teach both lab and lecture.  A tutorial center is available to all students at no cost.  We have ten full-time instructors and numerous part-time instructors.  Instructors are available for office hours throughout the week.

The Chemistry Department has recently incorporated modern data acquisition equipment into nearly all levels of the chemistry laboratory (see equipment list below).  We are proud of the department’s ability to involve students in a hands-on learning environment that teaches them modern laboratory techniques.
Department instrumentation includes:  60 MHz FT-NMR spectrometer, FT-IR spectrometer, gas chromatographs, HPLC, UV & visible spectrometers, atomic absorption spectrophotometer, digital analytical balances, pH meters, computerized data acquisition equipment, and Internet access.

The Chemistry department is located in a brand new physical science building (2001).  The building features a modern ventilation system, ready internet access, and a large computer lab. Come check it out!!!

Current Chemistry Program

      Chem 108         Introductory Chemistry
      Chem 109         Introductory Organic and Biochemistry
      Chem 119         Chemistry 120 Supplemental Workshop
      Chem 120/121   General College Chemistry
      Chem 226/227   Organic Chemistry

How do the Alumni feel about Chemistry at DVC?

“I have good memories from those DVC years.  I miss that kind of teaching… Everyone was really friendly and supportive… We all struggled, but we had fun and felt supported.” – Hester Choi (MD, U of Penn)

“I appreciated having had my first two years of college chemistry at DVC.  Other people I knew in medical school said that they rarely saw their professor(s)… Classes were huge and not very personalized.  I felt I had a great advantage and got a better education… I was very well prepared and I think this related to my training at DVC.” – Keith Walter (MD, Duke University)

“…at DVC there are a lot of good teachers.  At UC there are a lot of good researchers, there are just a couple of good teachers… and that makes all the difference...”  – Larry Heath (BS, Chemical Engineering, UC Berkeley)

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