The DVC architecture technology degree program offers students the opportunity to earn an associate in science degree in architecture technology, which prepares students for a career as an architectural intern, draftsman or designer.  As an architecture technology student, students gain an in-depth understanding of the requirements and skills necessary for employment in an architect’s office.

Architectural interns, draftsmen or designers prepare technical and presentation drawings, draft copies of specifications and cost estimates, revise plans, trace details from various sources, operate printing machines, and assemble prints and other documents for projects.  Graduates with these skills are also employed by landscape architects, industrial designers, interior designers, and engineers.

To earn an associate in science with a major in architecture technology, students must complete each course used to meet a major requirement with a “C” or higher and maintain an overall GPA of 2.5 or higher in the coursework required for the major.  Some courses may satisfy both major and other graduation requirements; however the units are only counted once.

General Education Requirements 27-35

Major requirements
ARCHI 120 Intro to Architecture and Environmental Design 3
ARCHI 130  Architectural Graphics I 3
ARCHI 126 Computer Aided Design and Drafting, AutoCAD 4
CONST 135 Construction Processes 4
CONST 144 Materials of Construction 3
ARCHI 244 Architectural Practice & Working Drawings I 3
CONST 124 Construction Details and Specifications 3
Plus at least 6 units from:
ARCHI 131 Architectural Graphics II 3
COOP 170A Internship in Occupational Work Experience Education 2-3
CONST 116 Surveying Related to Construction 2
CONST 181 Building Code Interpretation:  Non Structural 3
CONST 183 Title 24:  Energy Conservation/Handicap Codes 3
ENGIN 226  Computer Aided Drafting Design, Advanced Concepts - AutoCAD 4
Total Units for Major 29
Electives - units from a selection of degree applicable courses 0
Total units for the degree 60
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