Students in the architectural design program will develop the necessary skills to analyze, modify or create architectural space and the abilities to present their ideas in graphic form using a variety of media.  The program emphasizes spatial and architectural theories relating to design, architectural history, and methods of graphic composition and presentation.

The DVC Architecture Design major is intended for transfer. Students who intend to transfer must consult with a program advisor or counselor to ensure that the requirements for transfer to four-year institutions of their choice are met.  Students who intend to transfer are advised to select General Education Option 2 (IGETC) or Option 3 (CSU Breadth).  Option 1 (DVC General Education) is not generally advised.

To earn an associate in science degree with a major in architecture design, students must complete each course used to meet a major requirement with a grade of “C” or higher, maintain an overall GPA of 2.5 or higher and complete all graduationw requirements as listed in the catalog.  Many upper level architecture degree programs require specific physics, math and general education preparation.  Please consult the transfer institution for required courses. Some courses may satisfy both major and other graduation requirements; however the units are only counted once.

General Education Requirements 27-35

Major requirements
ARCHI 120 Intro to Architecture and Environmental Design 3
ARCHI 121 Architectural Design I 4
ARCHI 130 Architectural Graphics I 3
ARCHI 131 Architectural Graphics II 3
ARCHI 135 Digital Tools for Architecture I 3
ARCHI 220 Architectural Design II 4
ARCHI 221 Architectural Design III 4
ARCHI 244 Architectural Practice & Working Drawings 3
CONST 144 Materials of Construction 3
Plus at least 3 units from:
ARCHI 105 Architectural Assembly and Fabrication 1
ARCHI 110 Design Build Workshop 1-2
ARCHI 136 Digital Tools for Architecture II 3
ARCHI 156 World Architecture History: Early Civ. to Middle Ages 3
ARCHI 157 World Architecture History: Middle Ages to 18th Century 3
ARCHI 158 World Architecture History: 18th Century to Present 3
ARCHI 160 American Architectural History 3
ARCHI 207 Environmental Control Systems 3
Total Units for Major 33
Electives - units from a selection of degree applicable courses 0
Total units for the degree 60
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